Coming March 2024: The first ever fully comprehensive Canadian salary survey

The Portfolio Payroll Canada Salary Survey will be the comprehensive payroll focused salary guide on the guide on the market, solely compiled using data and research sourced directly from clients and candidates.

What will be in the Survey:

  • Benchmark your salary against job title & city/province
  • Gain payroll hiring insights into the marketplace to remain competitive
  • Exclusive expert commentary from the National Payroll Institute (NPI)
  • Learn employee and workplace trends

Whether you are an employer looking to retain your talent or grow your team, or a potential jobseeker looking to know your worth in the market, our salary survey is for you. Our in-depth guide will allow you to assess how your current package stacks upagainst those being offered elsewhere, provide a realistic expectation of what you or potential employees can expect per city and province as well as providing insight into welfare and benefit trends.

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